Why is ZYLAR better than other service on the market?

At ZYLAR we build our business by delivering superior results, not by trashing our competitors. Simply put,
ZYLAR is unlike any other marketing consulting firm on the market and we take completely different approaches to lead nurturing. It would be like comparing a fighter jet to a tank.

What we suggest:

We encourage you to evaluate our services against those of our competitors. ZYLAR offers a 90-day satisfaction guarantee because we are confident in the superiority of our results. We guarantee you'll experience not just enhanced lead generation but also superior support, a user-friendly interface, and features specifically tailored for optimizing lead quality.

We are 100% positive you will see not only better lead quality, but also better customer support, a more transparent process, and far more specialized features for converting prospects into qualified leads.


We create long-term partnerships with each of our clients. There is a reason people constantly leave other platforms to become ZYLAR partners for life. Our customers are quite vocal about why they love our platform.

Scroll down and see all the positive reviews by our partners. Their experiences speak for themselves, so you can see firsthand the benefits of partnering with us.

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Playboy team

Zylar Media revolutionized our prospect engagement with their multi-channel follow-ups. We now have a 30% higher response rate.


Marketing Team

Grant Cardone

Zylar Media has transformed our lead generation process. We've seen a 200% increase in qualified meetings. Their personalized approach is top-notch.

Swarm One

Marketing Team

Ad Team

In just 6 months, Zylar Media helped us double our lead conversion rates. Their strategic follow-ups and personalized outreach made a huge difference.

Knowledge Net

Marketing Team

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Click Funnels
Impact Theory
Frank Kern
Gym Launch
Grant Cardone
Tony Robbins
Body Building
Frank Kern

If you aren’t using Zylar Media, you’re missing out. Their ability to qualify and nurture leads is unparalleled.


Marketing Team

Sam Ovens

Everyone in our network swears by Zylar Media. The increase in lead quality and conversion rates is remarkable. It’s a no-brainer investment.


Marketing Team

The result

Nikol Grenfell
Ryan Wegner

We tirelessly tried to penetrate our hyper-niched market segment of roughly 1250 companies within the US. Despite numerous tactics—cold calling, bulk emailing, social media blasts—we consistently faced poor engagement and dismal response rates. It felt like every effort was in vain. However, once we teamed up with Zylar Media, it was as though they shifted us into a new gear we didn't even know existed. Their hyper-personalized email strategies were a game-changer. They targeted roughly 230 of our key prospects, leading to an impressive 43 qualified meetings within just four months. Their strategic approach not only overcame our previous challenges but also provided a clear path to scalability and success by reusing our existing leads for future campaigns essentially solving our scalability issue. We're incredibly grateful to Sabo and the entire Zylar Media team for transforming our outreach efforts. If your TAM is super niched and you think you've tried everything, and you're not using Zylar, you are losing money as we speak. End of story.

43 qualified meetings from 230 targeted attempts

Chris Redfield
Douglas Hames

After years of struggling with low lead show rates on our demo calls, switching to Zylar Media was transformative. We saw a dramatic improvement—our show-up rate surged to 96% within just the first month. Their system not only optimized our lead capture process but ensured that these leads were primed and ready for our pitches. Zylar Media has been key to maximizing our efficiency and truly making every lead count.

96% show-up rate for demo calls in 30 days

Carl Rothe
Stockton Walbeck

After just three months of using Zylar Media’s Lead Generation System, we’ve doubled our revenue from $213,000 a month to over $431,000 without running paid ads. The Zylar team's customer service is unmatched, they're more than just a service, they're a partner in our success. Truly a game changer in digital marketing.

102% increase in revenue in 90 days

Ryan Wegner
Nicki Geringer

For just over half a decade, we struggled to make meaningful connections within our specific niche of around 850 companies. Every strategy we tried felt like hitting a wall—low engagement, poor response rates, and no significant breakthroughs. As soon as we've partnered up with Zylar Media, their hyper-personalized email campaigns it was like someone opened a brand new door to clarity and scalability. They successfully contacted 110 of our top prospects and, secured 29 high-quality demo meetings. Without Zylar Media we would probably still be stuck and not able to scale. Thanks Sabo and your team.

29 qualified meetings out of 110 contacts

Rachel Lowrey
Daniel Sn

Hey @Fanni @Sabo Nagy Just dropping you guys a note to share how impressed I am with Zylar Media. Before using your services, our team had struggled to identify which parts of our campaigns were underperforming. In just one month of Zylar Media taking over, we've been able to quadruple the number of leads that come. We was doing pretty good with about 3.4% reply rates across main campaign - but was struggling to scale our campaigns past a certain point because we just couldn't increase that reply rate any higher. As we increased our volume the reply rates drastically fell. But literally within one month of you guys stepping in you've boosted us to 12% reply rates and effectively trippling the qualified leads you guys sent us...

Tripling qualified leads in 30 days

Chris Logan
Dan Henry

It was a real challenge to nail down our ICP using email campaigns as out ICP is very-very niche around just a few hundred honestly, we nearly gave up trying. Then, Zylar Media stepped in. Their 'done-for-you' hyper personalized system didn't just identify our ideal customers—it they actually us into meetings with their top decision makers. In just 60 months, outbound campaign's dmeo-meetings have went from 0 to 12. Refreshing to find a group of people more passionate about solving a problem then making a quick buck.

300% more profitable after using print tracking


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