We Will Teach You How To Setup The
Only Outreach System You Will Ever Need. Period.

Done with you service, where we guide you fully through how you can set the Zylar outreach system up. You will have unlimited 1:1 access to Sabo and his team.

Verified by major players like:

Frank Kern
Tony Robbins
Click Funnels
Impact Theory
Frank Kern
Grant Cardone

Zylar Media has transformed our lead generation process. We've seen a 200% increase in qualified meetings. Their personalized approach is top-notch.

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Marketing Team

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In just 6 months, Zylar Media helped us double our lead conversion rates. Their strategic follow-ups and personalized outreach made a huge difference.

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Zylar Acquistion System Never Worry About Where Their Next Deal Comes From


Turnkey Outbound Prospecting Solutions

We give you all the tools, software, spreadsheets and AI automations to run a successful outbound campaign for your business.

NO major changes to your site
The Best AI automations and Tools
We integrate with your CRMs
Target Your Exact ICP With An Irresistable Offer
Designed for local area businesses
1:1 Access To Sabo And His Team


Track ALL calls

Starting The Outreach Machine

Once the foundation is built, you're ready to unleash the tap and let the meetings flood in.


Analyize, improve, repeat.

We help you analyize your results, improve it based on the data we've gathered, we than simply rinse and repeat this process.

Track ALL calls
ad source of each call
Track Call Quality Down To Specific Offers
ad source of each call
Monitor Interactions On All Channels
ad source of each call
Reach Best Metrics From Day One

More qualified prospects DRAMATICALLY Increases
Client Acquistions Rates

Verified Across Hundreds of Businesses

Chris Redfield

CMO @ Tech Outsourcing Company

After years of struggling with low lead show rates on our demo calls, switching to Zylar Media was transformative. We saw a dramatic improvement—our show-up rate surged to 96% within just the first month...

Ryan Wegner

Owner @ SaaS Company

For just over half a decade, we struggled to make meaningful connections within our specific niche of around 850 companies. Every strategy we tried felt like hitting a wall—low engagement, poor response rates, and no significant breakthroughs...

Rachel Lowrey

SDR @ Tech Consulting Company

Hey @Fanni @Sabo Nagy Just dropping you guys a note to share how impressed I am with Zylar Media. Before using your services, our team had struggled to identify which parts of our campaigns were underperforming. In just one month of Zylar Media taking over, we've been able to quadruple the number of leads that come...

Chris Logan

Co-Founder @ Staffing Company

It was a real challenge to nail down our ICP using email campaigns as out ICP is very-very niche around just a few hundred honestly, we nearly gave up trying. Then, Zylar Media stepped in. Their 'done-for-you' hyper personalized system didn't just identify our ideal customers—it they actually us into meetings with their top decision makers...

Nikol Grenfell

CMO @ Enterprise Software Company

We tirelessly tried to penetrate our hyper-niched market segment of roughly 1250 companies within the US. Despite numerous tactics—cold calling, bulk emailing, social media blasts—we consistently faced poor engagement and dismal response rates...

Carl Rothe

Board @ Telehealth Company

After just three months of using Zylar Media’s Lead Generation System, we’ve doubled our revenue from $213,000 a month to over $431,000 without running paid ads. Truly a game changer in digital marketing ...

Designed with Local Agencies In Mind Designed with Local Agencies In Mind

Reach Best Metrics From Day One

Not only will ZYLAR improve your client acquisition, but it will also streamline the delivery process via our done with you system, ensuring better results with less effort.

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AI-Powered Personalized Outreach
and Lead Qualification


ZYLAR Campaign Analytics chart examples

Our AI-powered system crafts personalized email campaigns that resonate with your target audience. We ensure that every message is tailored to engage and convert potential leads into qualified appointments.

Full Appointment Setting Team To Engage Your Leads In A Flash

Ensure every lead is followed up within 5-10 minutes by our dedicated team. Constant inbox monitoring guarantees no lead is left behind.

creative reports creative reports

Measure the results of our follow-ups and see which methods perform best. Easily track engagement rates, response times, and conversion metrics.

Zylar Media

A done-with-you sales team

Hiring an internal sales development team is expensive and risky.

We minimize your risk and maximize your revenue by providing an expert founder-led sales team focused on outbound strategy, data, content, technology, and prospecting.

Designed for Companies Seeking Consistent Qualified Calls

ZYLAR is perfect for companies tired of waiting for referrals and ready to receive a steady stream of qualified calls daily. Our services ensure that your sales team is consistently engaged with prospects who are pre-nurtured and ready to discuss business.

ai ai

Connect All Parts Of Your Outreach

ZYLAR seamlessly integrates with your existing tools, allowing you to sync leads, phone calls, emails, and every aspect of your outreach strategy. Providing you with a clear and comprehensive view of your sales pipeline.


You Grow OR You Don’t Pay

If you are unhappy with ZYLAR or fail to get an immense ROI on our services, you may request a refund for the full amount before the campaign is concluded. This is no longer available once ZYLAR has conducted the campaign.


We need a brief 15 minute call to ensure you can fully plug in and that we can guarantee results. We then customize your account and support reps to you! We can’t do this without chatting!

Frank Kern

If you aren’t using Zylar Media, you’re missing out. Their ability to qualify and nurture leads is unparalleled.


Marketing Team

Sam Ovens

Everyone in our network swears by Zylar Media. The increase in lead quality and conversion rates is remarkable. It’s a no-brainer investment.


Marketing Team

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